Calculate PAYE tax online

Online PAYE Tax Calculator with changes in Finance Act 2020

PAYE tax is the tax on employment income. Finance Act 2020 has also introduced changes in how to calculate PAYE tax. In Nigeria, an employer is responsible for deducting and remitting the tax amount to the revenue authority. Complying with different statutory filings as well as the monthly payroll tax compliance cycle can be tedious.

BRC online PAYE tax calculator helps you estimate the PAYE tax and statutory deductions from an employee’s salary. They include contributions to an approved pension fund and national housing fund. As the Finance Act 2020 takes effect from 1 January 2021, it is necessary to use the new PAYE tax rules.

The tool covers the annual and monthly calculators for

  • PAYE tax
  • Pension

It is an excellent tool for employees, workers, human resources managers, finance managers, individuals, expatriates, employers, payroll administrators, and anyone interested in estimating his/her Nigerian PAYE tax.


Fee:    ₦3,250.00 per annum

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