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Taxes is not static, it moves! We come across taxes in either our daily or weekly activity.

Think about a typical transaction. The seller adds tax to a product, or the bank withholds tax on a customer’s interest income, or the government used the taxpayer’s money to fund a public hospital. These are common situations where a person interacts with the tax system.

The level of interaction increases when a business expands operations. Business owners or persons in management capacity must, therefore, consider the tax impact of transactions to avoid extra costs. BRC assists businesses with tax planning, compliance, advisory, audit, investigation, health check, and due diligence services. 

Our specialty covers companies income tax, petroleum profits tax, personal income tax and other statutory payroll contributions, expatriate management including tax briefing, expatriate tax, tax equalisation, expatriate quota, global employer services, value added tax and other indirect taxes, transfer pricing, processing of certificate of fixed assets acceptance, and regulatory services.

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