We tackle complex issues on-time and on-budget so your business is properly positioned for growth.

Keeping a pulse on your business requires resources. This is overwhelming when administrative activities compete for more resources than core functions. Also, a business may lose track of tackling the potential impact of new regulation in Nigeria. The good news is; Your accounting, assurance and tax processes do not have to create a regular pressure. 

At Bomes Resources Consulting (BRC), we help businesses concentrate on their core operations while we solve complex problems. Our personalized services are on-time and on-budget so your business is well positioned for growth. Whether you oversee an existing business or intend to commence business in Nigeria, our dedicated team are ready to guide you in regulatory, accounting, assurance, tax, and consulting matters.


Our commitment to equity and social justice drive our strategic initiatives. This shows in our recruitment, career and personal development, and progression of talented employees. All BRC employees imbibe diversity in the workplace. Our long-term commitment to diversity is in line with our policies and various volunteer contributions to our community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to making a positive impact in our community according to our core competencies and values. Bomes Resources Consulting was one of the panelists in the Annual Tax Takeover organized by the Tax Club, University of Abuja. Also, we collaborated with TBCA and other accounting firms to enlighten small and medium-sized enterprises on the Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS). Overall, several young entrepreneurs receive guidance from our firm on basic financial skills.

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