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Assurance Services

BRC has relevant expertise to assist you with complex financial accounting issues on financial reporting, IFRS conversion, and treasury.

Tax Services

We assist businesses with tax strategy, planning, compliance, audit, investigation, due diligence, advisory and regulatory services.

Consulting Services

BRC assists you to boost performance in critical business functions.

Assurance Services

It all begins from your books. Our assurance team helps companies enhance their financial reporting so as to operate properly within an environment. We use our vast industry intellect to fulfill client needs. We also solve complex reporting issues on financial standards. 

What we do:

  • Financial statement assurance
  • Risk assurance
  • Book-keeping and accounting
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) reporting
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Tax Services

BRC assists businesses with tax planning, compliance, advisory, audit, investigation, health check, and due diligence services. 

Our specialty covers corporate income tax, petroleum profits tax, personal income tax and other statutory payroll contributions, expatriate management including tax briefing, expatriate tax, tax equalisation, expatriate quota, global employer services, value added tax and other indirect taxes, transfer pricing, processing of certificate of fixed assets acceptance, and regulatory services.

Consulting Services

About to invest in Nigeria? Existing and new businesses in Nigeria are also covered. You can make informed decisions with our objective analysis and local expertise.

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BRC will be happy to respond to your request for a fee quote. Please provide information in the form.

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