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BRC is an accounting firm that provides expert solutions to businesses.
Our personalized approach gives businesses an optimal platform to succeed.

What we do

Assurance Services

BRC has relevant expertise to assist you with complex financial accounting issues on pensions, IFRS conversion, and treasury.

Tax Services

We assist businesses with tax strategy, planning, compliance, audit, investigation, due diligence, advisory and regulatory services.

Consulting Services

BRC assists you to boost performance in critical business functions.


We help businesses concentrate on their core operations while we solve complex problems. Our personalized services are on-time and on-budget so your business is properly positioned for growth. Whether you oversee an existing business or intend to commence business in Nigeria, our dedicated team are ready to guide you in regulatory, accounting, assurance, tax, and consulting matters.

We will help you with customized solutions, so you have the right information and the best expertise to grow your business.

We help our clients solve complex issues so they can focus on their core operations.

Get in touch with BRC for timely, relevant, and reliable information in assurance, tax, or consulting.

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