VAT user guide for FIRS TaxPro MAX portal

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has launched the TaxPro MAX portal for payment and filing of tax returns. Taxpayers in Nigeria will use the new portal for tax processes. FIRS user guide for value added tax will help users navigate the online portal with ease.

  • Visit
  • Existing users can log in while new members will register.

Taxes Due

  1. After logging in to the home page, click on “Taxes Due” and then select the Tax type.
  2. Under the Action column, click on “Process” to initiate the process.
  3. Complete the schedules (if any) such as sales adjustment, exempt and zero-rated goods and services.
  4. Click on “Add Record” and then “Proceed”.
  5. The VAT form will load after a user has completed all schedules.
  6. Under “Returning Currency”, select the currency type.
  7. Insert the Total Sales/Income Exclusive of VAT
  8. Tick the box for the declaration form
  9. Confirm entries and submit.

Payment section

Use the Payment Reference Code to pay online or at the bank using the Remita platform.

To download the user guide, click here.

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