FAQs on FIRS tax registration in Nigeria

The tax registration process in Nigeria should be seamless one. It’s the beginning of communication with the TaxMan. We’ve put together answers to questions on tax registration with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). Enjoy!


1. I have a new business. How do I get tax identification number (TIN) from FIRS?

Effective 29 June 2020, the Corporate Affairs Commission will issue the TIN alongside the Certificate of Incorporation of companies. New taxpayers do not need to go through the stress of applying separately to the Federal Inland Revenue Service to get a TIN.

2. How can I know the TIN number for a newly registered company

Check the content of the Certificate of Incorporation for the TIN or verify online https://apps.firs.gov.ng/tinverification/

3. My company has a TIN. Does that mean I have registered for VAT in Nigeria since incorporation documents show the TIN?

It does not mean a business has registered for VAT. A new business will register for taxes payable to FIRS.

4. Which tax office is my file domiciled?

Visit the official FIRS website to search for or verify the corporate TIN.  The result will show the relevant FIRS office of a taxpayer or visit the nearest branch for support.

5. Are foreign companies required to register for taxes?

Foreign entities operating in Nigeria will register for taxes.

6. I am about to set-up a new entity in Nigeria. After registration, will FIRS issue demand notice for every month?

No. Taxpayers are expected to file returns on a self-assessment basis. This will require a sound knowledge of Nigerian tax laws. If you need expert support, reach out to us.

7. When does a new company start paying taxes in Nigeria?

A new company starts paying tax once the business has a taxable transaction.

8. When does a new company start filing tax returns in Nigeria

It depends on the type of tax returns that should be filed. The frequency for filing is either monthly or annual. To learn more about the different taxes in Nigeria, please click here.

9. Will one tax registration with FIRS suffice for all revenue authorities in Nigeria?

No. It is is one tax registration per taxpayer per revenue authority.

10. I have an existing company and I want to register a new one. Can two companies use the same TIN?

No. It is one TIN per company.

Updated: 25 August 2023